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April 28, 2015

May 2015 in Parma!

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We are also looking for our first candidate for a new series: a monthly interview of a native or non-native English-speaker living in Parma. Please write us at if you're interested in participating.

May is one of the best months here in Parma - endless activity choices, flowers abound, and the mosquitoes are still in hiding.
Also, it's time to sign your children (or yourselves!) up for summer camp (see below).

25 April - 3 May: 77th Modena Fiera
28 April: Armenian Culture at Parma Library Palatina
1 May: Festa dal Paisan, Lesignano Bagni
2 May: Parma Art Day
1-3 May: Parma Vintage in Salsomaggiore
1-3 May: Valceno Agricultural Festival
1 May: Festa di Cantamaggio e Fiori, Bedonia
1-3 May: Castle Street Food in Fontanellato
8 May: Medel Run at the Cittadella
9-10 May: Fruits and Italian Asparagus
8-10 May: DeGustibus
9 May: Festival of the Italian Red Cross in Sorbolo
10 May: Festa della Mamma
17 May: StraBologna Running
17, 24, 31 May: Fattorie Aperte (Farm Visits around PR)
30, 31 May: Cantine Aperte in Emilia Romagna
12-14: Parma Ethical Living Festival - enroll here

This year CIBUS can be found at the Milan EXPO

Check out,,
and other Parma Tourism websites listed on our website
Feel free to send us info for any of your events for Facebook postings!
Art - For a list of the Museums In and Around Parma Click Here
-Fondazione Magnani Rocca New Rome Artists '900 exhibition, beautiful grounds and peacocks!
-Palazzo del Governatore - MATER until June 16
-Studio Museo del Pittore Matteoli - New studio museum of the well-known artist
-Palazzo Bossi Bocchi 
-Museo Bocchi (Monte di Parma)

Cinema in original version (mostly English):
Cinema D'Azeglio - Stanley Kubrick films - most in English with Italian subtitles
Cinema Astra also offers some interesting films but most are in Italian;
Cinema Edison Offers an original and interesting selection of films in Italian;
There is also an original language movie theatre in Reggio and several in Milan

Connections (English & Other Languages)  - Also check out our Connections page for other ideas, including Internations Parma and Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma Meet-Up for monthly dinner events in English

Unable to access the website of the Biblioteca Ilaria Alpi; for more info call 0521 031984
German Reading Group 
English Reading Club 
Stendhal Lecture Group 
Spanish Group Lectures

Courses- Community courses can be found here "In Programma"
For athletic courses see "Sports"

Gastronomic Adventures - For a comprehensive list of restaurants and trattoria: click here & check out our Dining Page!

Agriturismo recommendation: Podere Cristina - reservations necessary. Great food, beautiful setting, fixed menu.

1 May: Festa dal Paisan, Lesignano Bagni
1-3 May: Castle Street Food in Fontanellato
8-10 May: DeGustibus
17, 24, 31 May: Fattorie Aperte (Farm Visits around PR)
30, 31 May: Cantine Aperte in Emilia Romagna

Music and Dance
Teatro Regio: Parma Danza
Rocca di Sala Baganza: Tu per Tu concert series

Sports & Outdoors - Please check out the Nature section on our website
Afternoon out suggestion: visit to Barboj Park in Lesignano dei Bagni...there are some trails, lovely local restaurants, and a couple "mud volcanoes".

28 April - October: Meetings and excursions with CAI PARMA re: the mountains & the wars 8 May: Medel Run at the Cittadella
17 May: StraBologna Running

Panthers' Home Schedule (American Football Team)
Sports in the Appenine (Golfing, Hiking, Biking, Watersports)
UISP Parma - Sports and Courses for 2015
CUS Parma - Sport and Courses on/off Campus for 2015
CAI Parma - Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Family trips and more

For the most comprehensive listing of kids' events in Parma, we recommend the fantastic website. Also on FB.
Also, we've recently come across Mamme di Parma e Piacenza on FB - if you understand Italian, there's a wealth of information on here as well, including details on the MammaFit course which has restarted in Parco Ducale

Art and Classes for Children
-Moms' Club: May 11 at the Biblioteca Ilaria Alpi at 5 pm (Book in English + craft project)
-Courses on local farms for children. Please book in advance.
-Libri & FormicheMonthly events
-Laboratorio Famiglia al Portico
-Il Club Orsetto Lavatore: May events

Camps for the Summer - It's Time to Enroll!
-Sporty Club Summer Camp;
-Sport Center (CAMPUS);
-Parma City Camp!;
-Parco Bizzozero - Lega Ambiente
-Soccer Camps;
-English language summer camp at an agriturismo;
-Various English Summer Camps offered here
-The Tennis Club of Mariano will be offering a summer program but there is not info currently listed on their site;
-Schools such as Pink Panther (day-care and nursery) and Mary Poppins (also elementary) offer programs in July and for part of August

Film & Theater for Children
-Teatro delle Briciole: You can reserve for the fall shows
-Il Regio (Opera) Per I Piu' Piccoli: Opera for children until the end of May

In Milan this month (Eventful): Tickets for upcoming concerts, festivals, etc.
In Milan this month (CiaoMilano): Find your way around Milan in English. Great exhibitions, concerts, flower shows, et al. Many museum exhibits offer "children's tours" for which you need to reserve in advance. Check out the aquarium, planetarium, and Natural History Museum as well.
For the more design-oriented, there's are often great exhibitions going on at the Triennale as well as installations at Hangar Biccoca.
Milano for Kids (pdf file)
In Florence this month: Movies in English, concerts and more
In Bologna this month: Concerts, exhibitions and more
In Bologna this month: Find your way around Bologna in English
Modena in English;
Torino in English: Lots to visit here - Eataly, The Cinema Museum, the Egyptian Museum.
Liguria: What's On Guide


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