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November 30, 2012

December in Parma

Update (as of 7th Dec)

I racconti di Natale

Workshops at Biblioteca di Alice

Japanese craft market and the art of wearing a kimono, Saturday next week.

The Galleria Nazionale and Teatro Farnese will nowadays also open on afternoons (2 pm - 7 pm).

Ice skating rink piazza Pellicelli opening on 13th December until mid-February.

You can also check our facebook page for last minute information.

Christmas markets
Ongoing until Sunday at the fiere.
Via d'Azeglio on 2nd December.
Via XXII Luglio on 8th December.
Via Garibaldi on 9th December.
French market at Ghiaia today, Sunday, Monday.

Christmas events
Inauguration of the tree piazza Garibaldi, 8th December
Santa Annunziata, Gospel concert on 23rd December, 3:30 pm
Nativity (presepe) at Santa Annunziata until 6th January.

Concerti Aperitivo, a concert and a drink for EUR 12, Sundays at 11 am at the Teatro Regio.
Parma Jazz Frontiere, 1st-16th December.
Nuove Atmosfere, a series of 20 concerts from November to May 2013.
Cori in Festa, from 1st December to 13th January.
New Year Concert at the auditorium Paganini, tickets on sale at Teatro Regio.
New Year concert at the castle of Sala Baganza, free of charge.
"Almost like Vienna" New Year concert in Salsomaggiore, with Verdi, Rossini, Bizet, Johann Strauss' waltzes, 10:30 am, tickets EUR 20-30.

The original ones, movie in original version, Cinema d'Azeglio, December 4th.

Santa Lucia on 8th December. In Northern Italy Santa Lucia brings toys to children, not Santa Claus. Well, today, children tend to get presents on both occasions...

Workshop at the International Library on 1st December.
Workshop and readings at RosaLimone on 1st December, on 5th December at Libri e formiche.
Cake design at Biblioteca di Alice (Parco Ducale), 5th and 12th Dec. 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm
(info: 0521/031751,, max 10 kids per workshop, 5-10 years, prior booking necessary, free of charge).

Activities at the Galleria Nazionale (follow the link and click on "allegati" to open programme). Treasure hunt for kids aged 8-12.

Theatro del Vicolo: every Sunday at 3:45 pm.
Teatro delle Briciole
Festival Zona Franca at Teatro al Parco. 23 November-8 December.
Teatro del Cerchio
Europa Teatri: Hansel e Gretel on 2nd December
Festival Vietato ai Maggiori in Fidenza.

Cinema in Collecchio every Sunday from 18th Nov. to 16th Dec. at 4 pm.

Finalmente Domenica at Barilla Center every Sunday afternoon until Xmas.

Ice skating rink at Euro Torri until mid-February.

Activities at the Laboratorio Famiglia al Portico.

How to consult/ subscribe to the newsletter of the Comune.

Reopening of the Chinese arts museum after two years of renovation and modernisation works.

"Du Tillot, regista delle art nell'età dei Lumi" at Fondazione Cariparma, an exhibition on the minister who transformed Parma from a medieval city to a modern "little Paris" in the eighteenth century.

70 photographs by Giovanni Amoretti at Palazzo Giordani, until 7th December.

The exhibition dedicated to the British painter Graham Sutherland at the Fondazione Magnani-Rocca, until 9 December.

"Di che pasta sei fatto?", 40 photographs around pasta, by students of the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia. Galleria San Ludovico, Borgo Parmigianino, until 31st January. 

"33 Giornate", collective show in Reggio Emilia. Opens on 30th November.

"Un mondo di carta", Origami show in Bologna opens on 8th Dec. with a display of clothing made in paper. Until 22nd December.


Sunday without traffic

Traffic will be blocked on Sunday, 2nd December from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm for cars up to "euro 4" inside the tangenziale area. You can get out of town but can't come back before 6:30 pm if your car is not euro 5. The ticket is EUR 155, so think twice!

Check page 3 of your car's "carta di circolazione" to know if it's euro 3, 4 or 5.

Details here.