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September 22, 2013

October in Parma

Please feel free to submit other events to us at Parma Mia on FB or via email:   We are also looking to update our "doctor recommendations" section and welcome your opinions. A presto!

Sections Below: Music, Theatre and Cultural Events, Cinema, Gastronomic Adventures,  Art, Special Events, International Group Meetings/Readings in Parma, Outdoors, New Dining Experiences

Festival Verdi Sept 30 - Oct 31.

Falstaff on 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 Ottobre 2013 as well as a listing of all the events this fall in Busseto, hometown of Verdi, celebrating his bicentennial.

Barezzi Live Jazz Festival: Scroll down for a list of events and locations. On FB too.

Traiettorie, Festival of Modern and Contemporary music 2013 from Sept 22 - Nov 23 at the Casa del Suono/Casa della Musica.

Negrita will be playing an acoustic performance at the Teatro Regio on Friday, November 15. Tickets available at Ticketone.

October concerts in Milan, including Peter Gabriel, Macy Gray, Shaggy et al.
The Pixies will be playing at the Alcatraz in Milan on November 4 - tickets available through Ticketone
October concerts in Bologna, primarily Italian groups and singers (Nek, Renato Zero et al).

Theatre and Cultural Events (For Kids and Adults Too)
Teatro del Cerchio, season opens on October 19. Theater courses also available for children aged 6+. Presentation of courses on September 20, 8:30 p.m.

Teatro del Vicolo, season opening not yet listed . Theater courses available for children and adults. Beginning on October 10.

Teatro delle Briciole, season dates will be posted during the first days of October. Theatre for families (generally on Sundays at the park).

Festival Vietato ai Maggiori dei 12 anni in Fidenza. Theatre and courses dedicated to children 3 -12 years old. 2013/2014 events will be posted early in October.

Fondazione Teatro Due, season opens on October 26.

Halloween at The Bardi Fortress Sunday, October 27 from 14:30 (reservation required)

Ottobre Africano: October 2-30, a month of cultural events (cinema, literature, exhibitions, music), conferences, kids activities, etc.

Cinema d'Azeglio - Currently there are no English Movies listed, but check the link as they should be posted shortly

Gastronomic Adventures
Festa del Tortel Dols: October 5-6 in Colorno. Much ado about pasta for sure, but you're in Italy!

Festa della Castagna (Chestnut Festival) in Varano Marchesi: October 13 and 20.

Sagra della Castagna in Borgo Val di Taro: October 13

National Black Truffle Of Fragno Fair in Calestano: October 20 - November
17 on Sundays.
Botero in Parma at the Palazzo del Governatore. Inauguration on October 3 and open to the public until December 8

De Pisis En Voyage
Fondazione Magnani Rocca - Mamiano di Traversetolo - Parma, 13 settembre – 8 dicembre 2013

Special Events
Mercanteinfiera: October 5 - 13. Renowned Parma Modernism and Antiques Fair

Nel Segno del Giglio in Colorno. Flower and plants sale. Get in line EARLY! Fall dates not yet listed on official site, but according to La Repubblica-Parma it's the weekend of October 12/13.

International Groups Meeting/Reading in Parma
English Events Parma Weekly aperitivo through October 12 at Just Caffee in Via Cavour.

Spanish Lecture group meets October7  at the Biblioteca Ilaria Alpi

Deutsche Lesegruppe meets October 16 at the Biblioteca Ilaria Alpi

Moms Club: Bring your children (ages 0-6) to the International Library Ilaria Alpi for the next monthly meeting on Monday October 7 at 4:30. There will be a reading of a children's book in English followed by some fun activities for the kids.

Join Internations (Parma subgroup) or "like" Parma Internazionale on FB to learn about the monthly aperitivo with other ex-pats and English speakers here in Parma

Remember it's a great season to take advantage of the beautiful Appenine Mountains (they're still tons of blueberries to pick on Monte Matto) or get your permit to go "Porcini Hunting" in Val di Taro...

Liguria is still beautiful too in this fall season: focaccia and pesto await!

We recently ate at the very (very) low-key Monte Prinzera Agriturismo: an excellent home-cooked meal with a pretty view. The hiking trail behind the structure wasn't much to speak of but apparently there is a better path to lead you up the mountain.

New Dining Experiences
We've heard great things about the new MEET Hamburger restaurant in Parma - for those of you who are craving a quarter-pounder to go with your football games!

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