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March 21, 2017

Parma Mia Updates

We are not able to do the full monthly updates on Parma Mia at this time.

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1) Feel free to browse our webpages to find interesting daytrip ideas.
2) Check out past event listings for links to many resources here in Parma. We have listed a few below: parma today
also Castelli del Ducato
For children, please check out the fantastic website for updated events

-Fondazione Magnani Rocca
-Palazzo del Governatore
-Palazzo Bossi Bocchi  
-Museo Bocchi (Monte di Parma)
-Palazzo Pigorini 
-Labirinto Della Masone di Franco Maria Ricci 
-Art listings

Cinema D'Azeglio 
Cinema Astra 
Cinema Edison

For restaurants and trattoria, click here;

Club Alpino Italiano, Trekking Taro&CenoTrekking Val Chero e Nure and Terre Emerse organise hikes for all levels, including for families with children (Family CAI for kids aged 4+, LiberiSpazi for kids aged 8+). You can also look up hike info (often with GPS details) on Valcentrek (Val Ceno and Val Parma).
UISP Parma - Sports, Hikes and Courses 
CUS Parma - Sport and Courses on/off Campus 

-Europa Teatri 
--Fondazione Teatro Due  
-Teatro del Cerchio,
-Teatro Pezzani: 
-Teatro delle Briciole
-Teatro Reggio 
-Casa della Musica
-Il Regio (Opera): RegioYoung for Families