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January 29, 2015

February 2015 in Parma!

Welcome back to our Special Events Postings

Please remember that if you or your children are applying to public (and many private) schools, February is the month to do so. For more info, visit: Servizi Educativi

And here's your February update...we welcome your feedback!


Sunday, February 1, 2015 #DomenicalMuseo, all the museums and archaeological sites can be visited free. 

Winter Wonderland

Ice skating rink at Euro Torri until mid-February;

Ice Skating rink in front of the Super Conad (Campus) until mid-February

Inverno Rifugio Lagdei has weekly snow-showing hikes followed by food or drinks.

Please check weather conditions.

At Monte Schia, children ski for free from Monday to Friday. For more info (and to verify if the ski lifts are open), Please check weather conditions please click here

Of course, many of you may want to participate in the "settimana bianca" - remember hotels book up quickly in February in Alto Adige and Val D'Aosta (and prices rise too), so if you're planning to go, reserve now!

General "Family" Events for the Family in Parma, Click here

For general Parma Events, Click here and here!

Theater and Cinema for Kids

Teatro delle Briciole: Feb 9, 16 and 23, for children
Teatro del Cerchio
1 February 2015 –
8 February 2015 – 
15 February 2015 - children in costume get in free  
22 February 2015 

Europa Teatri: Feb 15 and 16 for "ragazzi"

Festival Vietato ai Maggiori  in Fidenza.

Castello dei Buratini

Marionettes for children

Courses and Art for Children

Moms' Club: February 3 Biblioteca Ilaria Alpi

Rosalimone: Dates not online yet, but keep checking the website.
Libri & Formiche: February 6
Laboratorio Famiglia al Portico

Programma del Carnevale 2015 
details to be confirmed re Carnavale in Parma
Il Gran Carnevale di Bussetto: February 1st,8th,15th and 22nd
Carnevale Borgotarese: Beginning February 8th February-
Carnevale 2015 al Castello di Gropparello
National Children's carnival in Bologna
and of course...
Carnevale di Venezia: Beginning 31st January.

Cinema in original version (mostly English):
The original ones at Cinema D'Azeglio

Tuesday 3rd february (at 18:00 and 21:00) 

Big Eyes  Tim Burton 
Language: English with Italian Subtitiles

Tuesday 10th february (at 18:00 and 21:00) 

Turner Mike Leigh 
Language: English with Italian Subtitiles

Tuesday 17th february (at 18:00 and 21:00)

Birdman  Alejandro González Iñárritu 
Language: English with Italian Subtitiles

Tuesday 24th february (at 18:00 and 21:00) 

Qu'Est Ce Q'Un a Fait au Bon Dieu? di Philippe De Chauveron 
Language: French with Italian Subtitiles

Special events:

San Valentino in a Castle 

Romantic dinners, guided tours of the castles, concerts

for more information click here


Auditorium Paganini Tutti Per Uno 
for more information click here17th, 26th and 27th February.
Casa della Musica - 
Concerti Aperitivi - Fondazione Toscanini Sunday 8th February 2015, Sunday 22th February 2015
Teatro Regio: Opera in March; Check website for events Remember that Parma Danza tickets should be available shortly
Zerbini Jazz Club: Circolo Arci Zerbini
Shakespeare  Live: Different jazz, soul R&B...


Fondazione Magnani Rocca Closed until 21st March opens with  "Novecento romano".
Reggio del Colorno until February 9


Exhibition at Fiere di Parma 28th February- 8th March
Click here for more information  

Gastronomic Adventures

1, 8, 15 and 22 February in val Baganza is 'Cappelletti  time'.
The fifth edition of "Tanto di Cappelletto"" culinary event will be held every Sunday in February in restaurants, pizzerias and  agriturismi of Calestano (Parma)

Parma tourist office information leaflet on food museums, events information and recipes 


Food and wine festival in Milan 7th, 8th and 9th of February

Click here for more information:

Slow food Market in Colorno Sunday 15th February 9am-2pm 

For a comprehensive list of restaurants and trattoria in the area, click here;
"Like" Bar Teatro Via Bixio 62A on Facebook for weekly invites to "ethnic dinners" in Parma!

We've recently learned about a lovely service "foodie" guide service (and more), run by an American in Parma:


'Run for Mums and Dads'
Tuesday and / or Thursday from 13.00 to 14.00
At the athletics track Lauro Grossi in via Po

Course athletics that aims to get people to fall in love with running. The plan is to give the basics of travel to all those who have never approached the beautiful world of running, but also to those who have never had the opportunity to train in a rational manner. 

English & Other Language Connections

German Reading Group on February 11

English Reading Club on February 4
Stendhal Lecture Group (French) on Febuary 25
Spanish Group Lectures on January 15

Also on Facebook remember to "Like" the following pages:

Parma Internazionale (Monthly aperitivo and online community via Internations).

ENGLISH EVENTS Inglese PARMA MODENA (Wednesday evenings drinks and games in English)

Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma English Meetup (English language dinners in Parma)


In Milan this month (Eventful): 

Tickets for upcoming concerts, festivals, etc. including 

Queen and Adam Lambert,

10 Feb - 9:00 PM

Mediolanum Forum

Katy Perry

21 Feb - 8:00 PM
Mediolanum Forum

Lionel Ritchie, 

13 Feb - 7:00 PM

Mediolanum Forum

The Kooks
 22 Feb - 9:00 PM

The Black Keys

17 Feb - 9:00 PM

Mediolanum Forum.

In Milan this month

(CiaoMilano): Find your way around Milan in English. Great exhibitions this month click here

Many of these exhibits offer "children's tours" for which you need to reserve in advance.

Check out the acquarium, planetarium, and Natural History Museum as well.

For the more design-oriented, there's an exhibition on Céline Condorelli in  Hangar Biccoca.

In Florence this month:

 Movies in English, Opera I Puritani and more

In Bologna this month:

San Giacomo Festival:  for more information click here

Exhibition dedicated to Etruscan civilization  which goes through their rich imaginary  about the afterlife Palazzo Pepoli Museo della Storia

Find your way around Bologna in English

Modena in English

January 28, 2015

News from Campus Music Industry 

Friday 30th January is the official return to the scene
Gianluigi "Cabo" Cavallo, former vocalist of Litfiba.

The new project, IlNero

Saturday 31 opens  with the tribute to the Black Eyed Peas headed by Sewit Villa,
 finalist of X Factor in 2009, lead singer of the band Good Sunday,
and collaborator of Fabri Fibra.

 Followed by  the DJ sets of conductor Radio M2O,
Parmesan Alex Nocera.

January 15, 2015

Events in January 16th-31st 2015.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

 Better late than never 'whats on in and around Parma' for the last fortnight of January.

Here is a list of events for this month, as always please feel free to send us suggestions and/or add to our ParmaMia Facebook page.

Winter Wonderland
Ice skating rink at Euro Torri until mid-February;
Ice Skating rink in front of the Super Conad (Campus) until mid-February;

If it actually snows, there will be weekly snow-showing hikes, skiing and more at Schia;
Inverno Rifugio Lagdei has weekly snow-showing hikes followed by food or drinks. 
Please check weather conditions.


Auditorium Paganini Tutti Per Uno classical music series beginning Dec 13;
Nuove Atmosfere, a series of 20 concerts from November to May 2013;
Casa della Musica - Suono Occulto Modern Music Series;

The original ones, movie in original version, Cinema d'Azeglio, 
Tuesday 20th January Gone Girl
Tuesday 27th January American Sniper

Workshops for Kids
-Libri e formiche Events  Afternoon stories Tuesday, January 20 at 17.30 
-Biblioteca Alice celebrates it's birthday on February 13th

Theater and Cinema for Kids
-Teatro del Cerchio25 gennaio 2015 – “La fabbrica delle parole 
-Festival Vietato ai Maggiori in Fidenza.
-Castello dei Buratini Marionettes for children  BARGNOCLA'S DAY sunday 18th January 16.30Do

Bossi Bocchi palace - Strada al ponle Caprazucca The collection of Renato and Tita Bruson  
Fondazione Magnani Rocca Closed until March;

For a list of the Museums In and Around Parma Click Here

English & Other Language Connections
German Reading Group on January 27th
English Reading Club on January 21st
Stendhal Lecture Group (French) on January 28th
Spanish Group Lectures on January 20th

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Parma Internazionale (Monthly aperitivo and online community via Internations)
ENGLISH EVENTS Inglese PARMA MODENA (Wednesday evenings drinks and games in English)
Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma English Meetup (dinners)

In Milan this month (Eventful): Tickets for upcoming concerts, festivals, etc.
In Milan this month (CiaoMilano): Find your way around Milan in English. 

Check out the aquarium, planetarium, and Natural History Museum as well.
In Florence this month:  Antique Markets, and Art exhibition Picasso and Spanish Modernity will be showing some ninety works by Picasso (until 25th January).
In Bologna this month: Find your way around Bologna in English