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Getting Lost In...*Mostly* Day Trip Ideas

Getting lost in the hills of Reggio Emilia: A hike at the LIPU Oasis of Bianello (many animals to see!), visit the Castello di Bianello, have a bite at the Trattoria Maddelena (Quattro Castella) for some Reggiana food and venison or at the Agriturismo Montebaducco where you can check out the largest donkey farm in Europe!

Getting lost in the Plains: Visit the impressive Reggio di Colorno and its gardens, the Centro Studio e Archivio della Comuncazione (CSAC Archives and Museum in a stunning old abbey), LIPU birdwatching in the Reserve at Torrile & Trecasali, go for a bike ride along the Taro or the Po Rivers, and try the Trattoria Croce Bianca in Gramignazzo for a modern taste of traditional dishes.

Getting lost along the Taro: Great short hikes near the Corte di Girola, Gaiano, and Ozzano along the river (avoid wet and super hot seasons). In Gaiano, there's the Osteria del Podere Miranta for a nice lunch. In Ozzano, there's the museum of Ettore Guatelli.

Getting lost in Pietra Parcellara (Travo, Piacentino): Beautiful hikes, climbing, newts (tritone) to visit in water wells near an old church, and a park with bbqs waiting for you to come use. 1,5 hours from Parma, with views that make it well worth the trip. Also, La Madre Pietra Agriturismo is good stuff, if you don't feel like a picnic or BBQ. Stop in Travo or Rivalta on the way back.

Getting lost in Tuscany: this weekend we did two legs ("tappe") of the Via Francegina. 
San Gimignano - Monteriggioni - Siena (30 k + 20 k respectively). 
Wonderful scenery, and if you head a little off the trail, you will find fantastic food (Casalta, Strove; Fori Porta, Siena) and places to stay (Castel Bigazzi, Strove) as well.
And of course, these are wonderful places to visit by car as well!

Getting lost in Halkidiki, Greece: Ryanair to Thessaoniki, check out Ta Petrina Vourvourou, or the Kassandra peninsula for unbelievable beaches. If you are interested and want some recs, message us here on FB!

Getting lost in Val Taro: Nice hikes starting from the Chalet del Molinatico (windy road to get there!), with small lakes along the way and views of the valley. 
Then check out some of the local towns: Berceto, Borgotaro, Bedonia...or the beautiful Compiano Castle (great restaurant there too!). 
Lots of good local food too - from their porcini mushrooms to chestnut "pancakes"!!

Getting lost in Monte Prinzera: a nice hike, relatively close to Parma. Check out the Agriturismo Monte Prinzera for good eats. Or stop in the Corte di Giarola on the way back to Parma...

Getting lost in the hills of Modena: In the spring, check out the famous Vignola Cherry Festival, Stop by the beautiful hamlet of Castelvetro, visit the Acetaia La Vecchia Dispensa (balsamic vinegar), or hike up to to check out their holistic events or to eat some vegan food (reservation only, it's not always open)!
Beautiful hike to Monte Tre Croci (but not when it's too hot).

Getting lost in Val Ceno: you can visit the Bardi Castle, The source of the Ceno River at Mount Penna, pick up some excellent Parmigian cheese, eat at Osteria delle Vigne, or for a real treat at the Castello di Varano...

Getting lost near San Giorgio Piacentino: beautiful hike in the rolling foothills along the Rio can eat in Tollara at Il Cacciatore (or drive up to Castione to eat at the more well-known and even tastier Locanda Cacciatore). 
Great list of hikes in the Piacentino can be found in the piacenzasera together with this one.…/index.jspeldoc…

Getting lost in Lesignano de' Bagni: a long leisurely lunch at one of our favorite agrifarms, La Longarola Agriturismo, a quick stop to see the mud volcanos at the Parco Dei Barboj, or the nearby Castello di Torrechiara, or in the summer, to take a dip in the pools at Piscine Molinazzo.

Getting lost on the Voladora: fantastic bike/walking path alongside the Parma River. The entrance we found was near the President's Club in Via Fornello. It goes all the way down to Lesignano Bagni and beyond.

Getting lost in Tabiano (and Salsomaggiore): - Recently opened Tabiano Castle is beautiful to visit. The hamlet there has a lovely hotel and even individual houses with pools to rent ($$). Gavanelli "botanic garden" over Salsomaggiore and restaurant, Salsomaggiore city to visit and try the old thermal waters.

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