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February 16, 2012

February in Parma

February... The most terrible month of the year!! Grey, cold, humid, and with 29 days this year... as if winter wasn't already long enough!

Well, fortunately there is still a bit of life in town and in the mountain, and hot chocolate in all the cafés. And Valentine's day...

Kids will enjoy the Carnevale. Saturday 18 at 2:30 pm from piazza Duomo to Cittadella.
Teatro delle Briciole, Teatro del Cerchio, EuropaTeatri, Theatro del Vicolo, offer shows for kids.
Activities at Libri e Formiche, RosaLimone (11, 18, 25 Feb.)
Laboratorio Famiglia al Portico offers cooking workshops every Tuesday at 3:30/4:00 pm. The place isn't very central but the atmosphere is really friendly (and the patience of the staff... endless). On Feb. 5 at 4 pm, special event: Hansel & Gretel, story and cookies.
Children's Corner at Casa della Musica, 4 Sunday concerts for children.

NEW:  Biblioteca di Alice has reopened in Parco Ducale, in the greenhouse (near Palazzo Ducale). Dedicated to children and teenagers, it offers a vast choice of books, including some in foreign languages, and DVDs. The place is very pleasant and unlike other libraries, children can make (reasonable) noise! On Feb. 29 at 4 pm, a party (show + snacks) will be offered to children and families.

The original ones at Cinema D'Azeglio, Via D'Azeglio, 33
Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar", in English.
"Les émotifs anonymes" en français le 14 février.

Cori di Cuore Feb. 4
Aperitivi alla Casa della Musica until May 212 and Concerti until April with a season dedicated to Claude Debussy.
Nuove Atmosfere, a series of 13 concerts until May 2012.
Teatro Regio: lyric season (Aida and Stiffelio) and concert season: a few tickets are still available!
Estri Armonici 2012 season at Teatro al Parco.
Tutti per uno XL opening on Jan. 30 at Auditorium Paganini.

The Festival Internazionale della Chitarra (classic guitar festival) will take place in April, but tickets for the opening concert with early music super stars Jordi Savall and Rolf Lislevand should be bought now (still a few left)!!

Last days!! Very interesting exhibition: "Parma: immagini della città dal Ducato all’Unità d’Italia" at Fondazione Cariparma until Feb. 19.

Let it snow:
Schia is Parma's nice little ski resort. Schia ski school can be found on facebook.
Check, or rather, double check weather and road conditions before driving up the mountain!

February 15, 2012


Carnevale is a long awaited appointment for all lovers of fun, exuberance and noise!

The parade will take place on Saturday 18 at 2:30 pm, leaving from Piazza Duomo and walking to Cittadella. Don't forget to buy a bag of 'coriandoli' and a few rolls of 'stelle filanti' for the kids. And of course a beautiful and colourful costume!

The city also organizes activities for kids:
- at Laboratorio Famiglie Al Portico on Sunday 19 for kids under 3 and on Tuesday 21 for kids aged 3 and more,
- at Laboratorio Famiglie in Oltretorrente on Friday 17.

These activities are free of charge and booking is not necessary.

Some activities are also proposed for the first time at Ghiaia market.

In the province, Busseto and Borgo Val di Taro are famous for their Carnevale.

If you're looking for a crazy parade, go to Imola (province of Bologna) for the Carnevale dei fantaveicoli to take place on Feb. 19.

February 5, 2012

Parma Mia! introduces

In order to be listed in directory, we have to put their link on our homepage. This is fair enough!

This gave us the opportunity to discover that Parma Mia! is the only expat blog for expats in Parma!