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May 29, 2015

June in Parma, 2015

Helpful Sites, Special Events, Art & Theater, Cinema, Courses, English & Other Language Connections, Gastronomic Adventures, Music, Outdoors, Children's Summer Camps, Art, Music, Theatre and Elsewhere in Italy

Helpful local event sites:
-Parma Tourism Website (ENG)
-Nonsoloeventi (ITA), a detailed list of events.
-Events and hikes in the Appenine and Po (ENG)
-Parma & Piacenza castles, click here.
- Modena Bimbi  events in Modena for children and family.
Other sites are listed on our website.

Festivals and Celebrations

May 31, 1 and 2 June 2015

-May 30 - June 22, Luna Park at the Cittadella;

May 30 - 2 June Festa del Culatello di Zibello

-June  5-6 18.00 - 24.00
- June 7 11.00 - 15.00
Piazza Garibaldi

-June 12-14 Parma Ethical Living Festival;

-June 6 -7, I Primi di Rolo, Food and Art in Rolo (RE);

-June 7, Great food fun in Modena.
 Stuzzicagente 2015 You can buy tickets in 
advance to taste your way around the city. Four food trails offered (one is vegetarian)

-June 5-7, Palio di San Secondo

-June 19-21 Vernasca Silver Flag - Car race and celebration; 

-June 19-21 INGREDIENT PARMA  A gastronomic walk around Parma, opportunity 
to taste dishes from popular chefs

-June 23-31 MUSEUM OF CSAC Study Center and 
Archives of Communication of the University of Parma

Towards the end of June, Parma celebrates its famous Tortelli with the "Tortellata di San Giovanni'. Here's a list of the many places you can go, although the 2014 times and dates have yet to be published.
 One of the most well-known "tortellate" takes place at the Castello di Montechiaruglo,
 but make sure to arrive super early!
Art & Theater
-Fondazione Magnani Rocca Beautiful Roma 900  exhibition, beautiful grounds;
-Palazzo del Governatore until June 28: Mater. Symbolic itineraries through maternity
-New Vernizzi Museum (together with Amadeo Bocchi) Free weekly guided tours until June 15;

For a list of the Museums In and Around Parma Click Here
For a list of Theaters in Parma Click Here

Cinema in original language: 
None listed at this time

There are also original language movie theatres in Reggio and in Milan


Check the Program the-space-extra to see live streamings of plays, operas and concerts

Courses & Volunteer Work
-Interested in learning where you can volunteer in Parma? Try the Forum Soliderieta'

English & Other Language Connections
-English Reading Club on June 10
-Stendhal Lecture Group (French) June 18

"Like" the following pages on Facebook for more info on "international" events in Parma:
-Parma Internazionale
-Cours de français Happy Hour Parma

-ENGLISH EVENTS Inglese PARMA MODENA (weekly drinks & games) or click here
-English Encounters Parma - Keep Calm and Learn English
-Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma English Meetup (English language dinners in Parma)
-Register on Internations (Parma sub-section) for info about monthly drinks and more

Campus Industry - Disco Club

Please check out the Nature section on our website

Summer Camps - It's Time to Enroll!
-The Tennis Club of Mariano as well as the Circolo di Castellazzo offer summer programs;
-Schools such as Pink Panther (day-care and nursery) and Mary Poppins (also elementary) offer programs in July and for part of August.
Summer Day Trips for Children
Gardaland, Verona
Parco Cerwood Adventure Tree Park
Mirabilandia, Ravenna Safari Park
Parco Natura Viva, Verona Safari Park

Film & Theater for Children
No listings at this time

In Milan this month (Eventful): Tickets for upcoming concerts, festivals, etc.
In Milan this month (CiaoMilano): Find your way around Milan in English. Great exhibitions, flower shows, et al. Many exhibits offer "children's tours" for which you need to reserve in advance.
Check out the aquarium, planetarium, and Natural History Museum as well.
For the more design-oriented, there's are often great exhibitions going on at the Triennale as well as installations at Hangar Biccoca.

In Florence this month: Movies in English, concerts and more
In Bologna this month: Concerts, exhibitions and more
In Bologna this month: Find your way around Bologna in English
Torino in English This month in addition to the wonderful Cinema Museum, Eataly, and Egyptian Museum,
Torino Jazz Festival.

Buon divertimento!

May 11, 2015

Birthday Party Research

In doing some research for a birthday recently, we came upon a wealth of hidden information:
Firstly, know that there are many interesting places in Parma to have kids' parties from the local parks (Bizzozero-Legambiente) to MagicoMondo (Bouncy castles) to bars (Federale Caffe') to nursery schools/baby "parkings" (Il Club dell'Orsetto Lavatore).

The website has more suggestions with detailed info (cost, contact info etc.)

Cake bakers delight: we've discovered two fantastic stores where you can purchase Wilton cake products, toppers, sprinkles, and all those other things you might be missing from home.

-Zanlari in Via Marchesi
-ArteDolce in San Pancrazio

For your paper goods and party decorations try:
-Carte Diem in V. La Spezia
-Parma Cart (but you will need a partita iva number to purchase here).

There are also magicians, entertainers and workshop-makers available to keep the kids busy.

-Il Club dell'Orsetto Lavatore
-L'Albero all'in Giu

and many others...

Lastly, arts & crafts stores include:
-Carte Diem (small selection but with items that are hard to find like googley eyes and mini pom-poms)
-Marchesi (via dei mille)
-Casamatti in Centro Torri.

Who knew?!