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June 24, 2013

Job offer

We are informed that JacLe Roi srl is currently enrolling a junior social media manager. 
He/she will work on food related projects deployed in the US, thus he/she has to be a native English speaker (better American though due to the market).

A short description has been published here:

Please contact the company directly (not us!!) at

June 3, 2013

June in Parma

Special events:
Aerobatic show at Parma's airport, June 9.

Festa della Musica, June 21, in various places of the city.
Festa multiculturale, June 28-30, July 5-7 in Collecchio.
A rich programme of events at Biblioteca Internationale.
Bonjour la France, French market piazza Garibaldi, June 13-16.

2013 is the bicentenary of Verdi's birth, and a myriad of events is scheduled this year. 
Concerts in Busseto, his native town.
Festival in Fidenza.
Concert in Colorno.
Exhibitions at Casa della Musica and Pilotta.

And naturally the Festival Verdi, to take place in September and October. New subscriptions will go on sale June 6-8.

The original ones at Cinema D'Azeglio: "Silver lining playbook", June 4.

A series of concerts at San Benedetto.
Celtic harp at Teatro Regio, June 21.

Luna park at Parco Cittadella, June 7-23.

Fondazione Magnani Rocca: "Il Surrealismo di Paul Delvaux" until June 30. 
"Italian style 1900-1930" in Colorno until June 15. 

Consult our 'Nature' page for great outdoor activites. Download here the programme of hikes and treks to take place from May 2013 to April 2014.