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Health - Safety

You can download apps that will send you alerts from the Mayor's Office (school closures, earthquake info etc) here:

1. Useful safety numbers
2. Local doctors

If you need assistance working your way through the AUSL/medical i.d. card/private/public health care issues, feel free to email us here or - better yet - send a message on Facebook (Parma Mia).

1. A few useful safety numbers (that you may record in your cell phone)

Vigili Del Fuoco/Fire Department                                115
Pronto Soccorso/Health Emergencies-Ambulance       118
Polizia/Police                                                                113
Carabinieri/Police (State)                                             112

Guardia Medica (Doctors on Call in Parma): tel.0521 292555
This is useful for late night emergencies; weekend emergencies; or in any moment that you can't contact your doctor. However, for pediatric emergencies, children must be brought to the hospital directly unless your doctor tells you otherwise.


Ospedale Maggiore

Pediatric Ward Ospedale Maggiore:
New Padiglione/Building Pediatria tel. 0521.702275. You can enter from via Abbeveratoia.

Pediatric Emergencies Ospedale Maggiore:
Pronto soccorso OR Accettazione pediatrica (ground floor, Pediatric Building). You can enter from via Abbeveratoia.

Most pediatric emergencies will be treated in the Pediatric Ward, and not Urgent Care. However, head injuries or life-threatening conditions may be required to go to the Emergency Room first.

AUSL Parma (Public Health Department): tel. 0521 393111

Centro Antiveleni (Poison Control Center) Bologna: tel. 051 333333

Listing of locations, dates and hours for the pharmacies you can find open (Farmacia di Turno): Your local pharmacy will also post the information outside their door for the nearest open pharmacy when they are closed.

We remember how important it was for us (and how difficult) to find just-the-right doctors when we arrived we asked around and below you will find some recommendations.
Please note that these are purely recommendations -with no legal, professional, promotional or other value. We take no responsibility for your experience with these doctors. However, we do welcome your feedback and suggestions.

If you want to know more about these doctors or hear about our personal experiences with them (both the upsides and downsides), feel free to send us an email:

For Blood Tests (Sangue), Urine Analysis (Urina), Pap Test (Pap) in the center of Parma you can try
4, str. Università - 43121 Parma  |
tel: 0521 234635

 For Blood Tests (Esame Venosi), Urine Analysis (Esame di Urina/Cultura ecc), Strept Throat (Tampone Faringei), e PAP (appointment only) - By car or bike:
Laboratorio Nuovo S Orsola
Via Sidoli 9/a - 43123 Parma
tel: 0521.233302

(Also Saluser, Spallanzani, Dalla Rosa Prati offer similar services)

Most doctors below are private. You can see doctors through the health care system as well in the hospital or in other AUSL centers. You can also book with some doctors in the hospital privately calling for an appointment with a "libera professionista."

A. Physicians (Medico di Base)
Dr. Ciamprone - Via Farini, 31

B. Pediatricians
Dr. Claudio Cantadori - Strada XXII Luglio
By far the most recommended pediatrician in Parma together with Dr Canterelli.
He is very knowledgeable and still makes house-calls when necessary.
Almost impossible to obtain a place with him through AUSL, but may agree to see you privately.
Speaks French.

Dr. Gianluca Prati - Via Garibaldi
Very good contact.
Almost impossible to obtain a place with him through AUSL, but can see you privately.

Dr. Rafaella Costa - Homeopathic Pediatrician, Centro Eubiotico - Corcagnano
New offices on ground floor, play space for children inside visiting room, private only.

Dr. Alessandro Bertaccini - Via Del Garda, 19
Heard great things about him through various friends.
Is easy to contact
Speaks English

C. Cardiologist
Dr. Nicola Gaibazzi - visits privately in the hospital or at MediSaluser. Specialized in the ultrasounds. Speaks English.

D. Gynecologists
Dr.ssa Laura Bedocchi
Dr. Cavallotti
(Highly recommended for ultrasounds & morphological -22nd week-  exams during pregnancy.
They both speak English)
Dr.ssa Verrotti - Medi-Saluser

D. Eye Doctors
Dr.ssa Chiara Rinaldi, Via Farini, 71/A - Excellent eye doctor. Works with the hospital. Modern machines in the office. Speaks English.
Dr. Giulia Bontempelli, Via Farini, 7 - She was excellent with my daughter (2 yrs old); we also like her husband, Dr. Pescatori.

E. Ear, Nose, Throat
Dr. Fabio Piazza
Centro Gemini and MediSaluser
Excellent, thorough ENT. Speaks English

F. Dermatologist
Dr. Bassissi - Centro Dulcemara - Via Mazzini, 3

G. Hypertension 
Dr. Willy Cabassi - Hypertension specialist in the hospital (not sure if he sees privately). Wonderful doctor who speaks both French and English

H. Mammograms
Dr. Giovanni Maria Conti - Studio Radiologia Dott. Pasta - Borgo della Posta, 12
Dr.ssa Durante - Centro Gemini and Dalla Rosa Prati
Dr.ssa Piazza - Ospedale Maggiore

I. Ultrasounds
Dr. Claudio Tosi - Well-recommended for most general ultrasounds
c/o Gemini and Studio Dott. Pasta

Dr. Ermanno Bacchini (Pediatric Ultrasounds)
MediSaluser in Via Verdi

J. Physiatrist
Dr. Massimiliano Sacchelli, Centro Hope Poliambulatorio - Piccole Figli, Via Po, 1
Dr.ssa Luciana Ferrari (Pediatric Physiatrist) - Centro Hope Poliambulatorio - Piccole Figli, Via Po,1
Excellent bedside manner, thorough, speaks some English

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