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January 30, 2013

February in Parma

Kids will enjoy the Carnevale. Saturday 9 from piazza Duomo to Cittadella.
Carnevale di Busseto every Sunday from Jan 27 to Feb 17.
Also in Borgotaro and Bedonia.
Ice skating every day at Euro Torri and piazza Pellicelli until mid-February.
Theater: Teatro delle Briciole,
Teatro del Cerchio, EuropaTeatri, Theatro del Vicolo, Barilla Center.
Biblioteca Internazionale, workshop every first Saturday of the month. This month: the Tiger!

Skipass gratis for kids Monday-Friday at Schia. See details on the website.

Cinema in original version (mostly English):
The original ones at Cinema D'Azeglio, Via D'Azeglio, 33 (Tuesdays starting Jan. 22)..

Special event:

On Valentine's day, in public museums buy 2 tickets, get one free.

Cori di Cuore
Concerti della Casa della Musica 31 January-30 April.
Concerti Aperitivo, Sundays at 11 am at the Teatro Regio.
Nuove Atmosfere, a series of concerts until May 2013.

Estri Armonici, Feb 15-Apr 30 at Teatro al Parco.
Teatro Regio: some tickets are still available for Nabucco and Parsifal.

Upcoming concerts:
Malika Ayane, May 15, Teatro Regio.
Giovanni Allevi, April 16, Teatro Regio. 
Raphael Gualazzi, April 20, Teatro Regio.

ParmaDanza festival will take place in May, tickets and subscriptions are on sale.

"Storie della prima Parma" at the Archeological Museum (Pilotta), the origins of Parma seen through the latest findings from Etruscan and Roman times.
Costumes and stage sets at Teatro Regio until 31st May.

In Milan an exhibition dedicated to the famous French photographer Robert Doisneau opening Feb. 20.
Meanwhile in Bologna an exhibition dedicated to the famous Italian photographer Nino Migliori until April 28.

Let it snow:
Schia is Parma's nice little ski resort. Schia ski school can be found on facebook.
Hiking: Liberi Spazi, Macigno Vivo and Club Alpino Italiano.

On February 10, Schia will be the finish line of the annual husky race across the Appenins.
Check weather and road conditions before driving up the mountain! Winter tires or snow chains are required.

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