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September 27, 2012

October in Parma

The original ones, movies in original version, Cinema d'Azeglio.

Festival Verdi 1-28 October. Rigoletto, La battaglia di Legnano and a concert.  Some tickets still available.
Waiting for Verdi on 19 October.
Verdi Day 10 October at Casa della Musica.

Barezzi Live Jazz Festival: 5-21 October.

Concerti a Corte: a series of concerts taking place in different castles of the province. Until December.

Mini concert season in Colorno: 16 September-7 October.

Flamenco on 7 October.

Traiettorie, festival of contemporary music. It needs a public too!

Workshops at the Museum of Natural History every Thursday afternoon 4-6 pm.
Activities at Libreria delle Formiche.
Teatro del Cerchio, season opening 14 October. Theater courses also available for children aged 6+.

Theatro del Vicolo, season opening 21 October (Sundays at 3:45 pm). Theater courses also available for children.

Teatro delle Briciole, season opening 27 October.

7 October: Aria Aperta proposes a donkey ride followed by a workshop to learn how to make butter! Near Reggio Emilia, about 40 kms from Parma. We've tested their activites on various occasions and we've become completely addicted to the gentle donkeys!

14 October on the Monte Fuso with Gemma.

Workshops at L'atelier del Borgo.

Activities at the Laboratorio Famiglia: baby cooking (cool, you don't have to clean the kitchen!), etc.

Festival Vietato ai Maggiori in Fidenza.

Special events
Ottobre Africano, a month of cultural events (cinema, literature, exhibitions, music), conferences, kids activities, etc. Programme tba on

6-29 October Country focus on India at the International Library.

6-7 October festa del Tortel Dols in Colorno. Much ado about pasta for sure, but you're in Italy!

14 October: Sagra della Castagna (chestnut festival) in Borgotaro.

13-14 October garden fair and plant sale in Colorno.

28 October: Strike Zone Day, a pink ribbon cum fitness event.

Ongoing: the exhibition dedicated to the British painter Graham Sutherland at the Fondazione Magnani-Rocca.

In Bologna late works by Henri Matisse until 21 October.

In Pavia an exhibition dedicated to Renoir until 16 December.

In Milan 200 works by Picasso from the Picasso museum of Paris (currently closed for renovation). Until 6 January, 2013.

In Rome "Vermeer, the golden century of Dutch art", the first public exhibition ever held in Italy of work by the greatest master of the 17th century. Until 20 January, 2013.

Let's call it art too: in Modena, "Origins of the legend" exhibition at the Museo Ferrari.

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