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December 4, 2017

December 2017 in Parma!

Happy Holidays To All from Parma Mia!

Please also remember to give back this season. You can find some ideas on how to do so here.

Special December Events:

-You can visit Santa Claus (Babbo Natale) at the Barilla Center or go ice skating at Centro Eurotorri, ParmaRetail and in front of the Conad at Campus!
-Each weekend there is Christmas entertainment at the Gropparello Castle
-Prada is opening at Fidenza Village

Dec 7: Extra Urban Fashion Party, Wopa
Dec 7-12 - Festa di Santa Lucia, Felino
Dec 8: Thun Winter Village, Mantova
Dec 8 - Mercnatale, Sala Baganza with world's longest cotechino
Dec 8 - Christmas concert, Bussetto
Dec 8, 17, 21 Music and markets at WOPA
Dec 9: The Little Prince at RegioYoung
Dec 9: Urban Trekking, Piacenza
Dec 10: Noceto vs Colorno, Rugby Championships
Dec 13 - Festa di Santa Lucia in Parma: perhaps even more important than Christmas for children here in Parma. Please check event listings on the sites below for updates.
Dec 14 - English Christmas Party, Via Bertozzi, Parma
Dec 14 - Concerto dell'Associazione Alumni & Amici di Parma Biblioteca Monumentale di San Giovanni, ore 7:00
Dec 17: The biggest Nativity Scene, Manarolo
Dec 26: Post-Christmas hike
Dec 19: an accoustic performance by the awesome Carmen Consoli, Reggio
Dec 31 - Kimera Restaurant (and many others around the city)
Dec 31: Amazing dinner planned at La Longarola Agriturismo
Dec 31 - Fedez sings in the center or the Cittadella (no comment on the cost, please!)
Dec 31 - At WOPA
Dec 31 - New Years at Rivalta Castle (and others as well)
Jan 6 - Lots of events to celebrate the Befana. Fornovo always has a big party!
-Special Christmas, New Years and Befana events
-Next events at Campus Industry (music/club)
-Reggio in December 
-There are many, many Christmas markets in Northern Italy including the famous O bej! O bej! Fiera in Milan as well as in Trentino-Alto Adige starting the weekend of December 7-10.
But plan your travel wisely: that weekend the A22 Brennero highway is always packed that weekend!

Happy San Nicolaus, Hanukkah, Santa Lucia, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, to all!!!

For more info and events: (see below for more cities)
Art - For a list of the Museums In and Around Parma Click Here
-Fondazione Magnani Rocca The Story of Advertising exhibition: they also do interesting events
-Palazzo del Governatore
-Palazzo Bossi Bocchi  
-Museo Bocchi (Monte di Parma)
-Art listings
-Near ModenaTerramara di Montale open-air archeological museum, open on Sundays with kids' workshops
Until Dec, 2017: Castello Estense (Ferrara):  Art for Art's Sake

For a list of the Museums In and Around Parma Click Here

Parma Movie Theaters and Listings
Cinema D'Azeglio The Japanese Masters
Cinema Astra also offers some interesting films but most are in Italian;
Cinema Edison Panorama: Sept 16 - Oct 21 Original Language Films from the Berlin Festival
There is also an original language movie theatre in Reggio and several in Milan

For athletic courses see "Sports"
Look for courses offered by the various communities here under "In Programma"

English & Other International Language Connections
German Reading Group : Dec 12
English Reading Club: Dec 14
Stendhal Lecture Group (French Group): Dec 5
Spanish Group Lectures: Jan 9

Internations (Register in the Parma sub-section) for info about monthly aperitivos and more
Reggio-Emilia English Expat Group (Reggio, Parma,Modena)
Also on Facebook:
Reggio Emilia, Modena and Parma English Meetup (English language dinners in Parma-active group)
-Cours de français Happy Hour Parma
-ENGLISH EVENTS Inglese PARMA MODENA (drinks and games in English once a week)
-MeetSpeaker Parma seems to be a very active group with lots of events 

Gastronomic Adventures

-For a comprehensive list of restaurants and trattoria in the area, click here;

Really enjoyed a visit to Collina della Luna this month, in the hills of Medesano. Reservation required.

Music and Theater:
-Teatro Regio and the Festival Verdi as of September 28
-Traettorie: Sept - Nov (Modern and Contemporary Music)
-NuovoTeatroPezzani: New Schedule Online
-TeatroDue: Calendar Online
-EuropaTeatri: Calendar Online
-Fondazione Toscanini Events online
-Sounds in the Abbey music festival, Parma until Dec 2017

Full list of Parma Theaters and links to their programs- Teatro Regio, Teatro Due, Teatro al Parco, Teatro Lenz, Nuovo Teatro Pezzani, Teatro del Cerchio, Teatro Europa, Teatro del Tempo

Sports & Outdoors: Please check out the Nature section on our website: there are lots of ideas and many websites listed for ideas for hikes and walks as well.

There is a good, new bike trail, running from the gardens off Via Langhirano, through campus, up to Gaione

Fencing, Swimming, Soccer (there are many local teams for kids and even some for adults), Rubgy, Baseball, American Football, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Cheerleading (Starlight)
If you need additional info about enrollment, please send us an email or a message on FB
UISP Parma - Sports, Hikes and Courses for 2017
CUS Parma - Sport and Courses on/off Campus for 2017
CAI Parma - Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Family trips and more
You can also check out Parma Calcio games as well as rugby Parma Zebre or American Football with the Parma Panthers
-Apennine Events
-Pietra Parcellara: Beautiful hike in the Piacentine hills
-Cinque Terre: Info regarding hikes (and permits)
-Sports in the Appenine (Golfing, Hiking, Biking, Watersports)

Children: Useful resources include,
and various info offered on the website of the "Comune"
On facebook there is also Mamme di Parma e Provincia Officiale or Genitori di Parma and Provincia for local advice, selling objects etc.

Art and Classes for Children
-Waterpainting at Alice Library
-Libri & Formiche: Events here
-Laboratorio Famiglia al Portico
-Laboratori Vari del Comune
-Orso Ludo: Toy store in the Center of Parma which offers projects & events
-Il Club dell'Orsetto Lavoratore: Baby parking and much more
-Pavese Biblioteca: Reading workshops for children 3 - 5

Film Music & Theater for Children
-Il Regio (Opera): Verdi Young for Families, Kids, And Young Adults
-Europa Teatri: Calendar Online for different scholastic programs
-Teatro del Cerchio: Calendar online
-Teatro Pezzani: Children's shows begin Nov 26
-Teatro delle Briciole: Calendar online
-Teatro Reggio Tutti a Teatro

For older children, there are many courses and sports classes offered around Parma. Coop Parma Polisportiva, CUS, UISP, The country clubs (Mariano, Castellazzo) for tennis, SportsCenter, Palazzetto dello Sport. If you need assistance, please write us at Parma Mia on Facebook.


In Bologna this month: Find your way around Bologna in English This September there is Design Week, a Barbie Doll exhibition and more!
Bologna Events
In Florence this month: Movies in English, concerts and more
In Milan this month (CiaoMilano): Find your way around Milan in English. Great exhibitions, concerts, flower shows, et al. Many museum exhibits offer "children's tours" for which you need to reserve in advance.
Check out the aquarium, planetarium, and Natural History Museum as well.
For the more design-oriented, there's are often great exhibitions going on at the Triennale as well as installations at Hangar Biccoca and the Fondazione Prada.
Other new museums include MUDEC and MUBA (kids' museum)
Milan Guide to Exhibitions
In Milan this month (Eventful): Tickets for upcoming concerts, festivals, etc.
Milano for Kids (pdf file)
Modena in English;
Reggio in Italian:
Torino in English: Lots to visit here - Eataly, The Cinema Museum, the Egyptian Museum.
Events in Ligura