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Me Time

Take care of yourself!

Cooking classes -  Academia Barilla. Hundreds of Italian recipes are also available on their website.
Parizzi restaurant offers Saturday morning classes in Italian.

Flowers - A lovely Belgian friend (who speaks English as well as French, Italian & Flemish) has opened a sweet flower shop in V. Sauro. Check it out and help support our International community!

Hair - Oddly enough, it's not that easy to find a good hairdresser despite the enormous quantity of salons you'll see about town. We recommend:

Roberto Gozzi (ask for Roberto)
Riccioli Biondi Aveda Spa
Stefano Saccani spa

Massage (Shiatsu) - Low key, small studio in Via Nino Bixio. Silvia has the best hands in Parma for a true shiatsu treatment. Treats men and women and has studied the discipline for many years. Very reasonably priced. No English, but you can still make yourself understood! tel. 329.1427321

Terme di Salsomaggiore, Famous old "Roman Baths"; beauty center and spas. We recommend Berzieri for the architecture as well as the spa!
-Lastly, looking for somewhere nice to relax for a morning nearby? Try the Grand Hotel at Salsomaggiore. We heard the spa is amazing!
Also, the Terme di Monticelli and spa
Hammam delle Rose in Milan
Stefano Saccani spa here in Parma .Beautiful, modern structure in Piazza Ghiaia with a real pedicure chair!

Swimming and more
Spacenter, viale Rustici: swimming pool and fitness
Sports Center - Campus: outdoor pools near to the town center for a reasonable price.
Ego Village, Collecchio - Swim Club (Large outdoor pool - not for agnostic swimmers! - with fountains, indoor pools, kids courses, beauty center, dance classes, bar...)
Piscine Molinazzo, Lesignano de' Bagni - 4 outdoor swimming pools, "privé" area forbidden to children (...), jacuzzi, beach volley, etc.
Eco del Mare, Lerici (Summertime Beach - very costly, but beautiful)
Forte dei Marmi: Well-known beach area where many Parmigiani head to for the summer. The water isn't that beautiful but there's good shopping in the center.
Cervia: Nice beach on the Eastern Riviera.

You will find food shop recommendations on the Dining page.
Children's Clothing: French mums are happy to find their preferred brands such as Petit Bateau (piazza della Macina), Sergent Major (via D'Azeglio), Du Pareil au Même (Euro Torri) and Z (strada della Repubblica)!
Women's Clothing: Montacchini Outlet, Wiki outlet, Lola Maj, O'.
Women's Shoes: Great "hit-or-miss" shoe outlet in via Nazario Sauro.
Sports: Parma Sport via Buffolara or Decathlon department store in Fidenza, San Pancrazio or at ParmaRetail.
Nike Outlet at Fidenza outlets

Antique/vintage shops are found in the area strada XXII Luglio/via Nazario Sauro.

Art supplies: Marchesi, via Rasori 1/C. Also at Bricocenter (Euro Torri).
Fabric stores: Lo Scampolaio, strada San Donato 4/G (outlet); Casamatti, Centro Torri (also some art/hobby supplies); Grignaffini, via Palermo 3 (more upscale).

Wash In the City: Piazzale Mattarella 11/c Behind the Conad in Via G. Rossa. Open 7/7.
Very clean laundromat (not really "me" time but...) run by a women who also speaks some English. Not super central but handy to know about for curtains, large loads etc. At the time of this posting (Jan 2012) the prices were Euro 10/18 kilos for a wash and Euro 1/10 minutes in a dryer which really works!



Anonymous said...

I am looking for a good colorist and hair stylist. I've tried Roberto Gozzi and Stefano Saccani. Have not been happy with either. Just want a stylist who listens and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Suggestions please.

Sophie / parma mia said...

Well, it seems we have the same problem... I was initially satisfied with FACS Borgo Tommasini but I got fed up with the stylist who indeed doesn't listen to me and to what I want to look like.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy about Curly Sue's Borgo del Parmigianino 29) since a few years. Ask for Andrea for the color.