Parma mia! is a blog for ex-pats and English-language speakers in Parma as well as for tourists who want to learn more. We've got lots of tips and tidbits to share: where to buy your foreign foods, favorite restaurants, what's on for kids during the weekends, local agricultural fairs, where you can find a babysitter or chiropractor and hints on how to make it through the bureaucratic maze that is Italy (see tabs below). This forum is for you: please share your ideas/events with us at or on FB at Parma Mia.

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Useful Links & Services

Need your dog walked? Need a document translated? Relocation services? Here we are!

Ciao a tutti! My name is Stephanie I am a photographer specializing in weddings, couples, family, and interior photography. I'd love to make some connections around the city and meet some new people! Thank you!

A mini Craig's List...

Do you speak French fluently? Do you want to trade an hour of your teaching time against an hour of learning English time?
Are you moving? Do you want to sell your kitchen to the new ex-pat on the block?

This is the place...because as you will learn, the idea of second-hand is not really very "Parmigiana"!

They finally did it: new shop in via della Repubblica: t.ricicle. High-end children's clothing and some strollers/carseats as well!!!!!!

We also mention this place where you can sell second hand kid stuff: Secondamano Bimbo

Send your messages to

We also have included at list of charity organizations which are looking to "inherit" your old clothing, furniture, toys, computers, etc. for underprivileged families.
Ambaradan will come to your place to pick up furniture, electric appliances, clothing, books, toys.  
Centro di Aiuto alla Vita, Strada Nino Bixio, 71: children clothing, furniture, electric appliances
In December piazza Garibaldi, la comunit√† di Sant'Egidio collects used (but still usable) toys.
You can find yellow containers on the street ('abiti usati') where you can drop clothing, bed and bathroom linen, shoes, toys, etc. There's (among others) one via Verdi, one on the parking lot of Conad via Piacenza, one near Ipercoop.

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